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Residencies: Image

Aga lab art Residency 2024

Art research in Amsterdam focused on water ways and in-between city spaces, specifically interactions of bird and plant life with managed water. These subtle interactions were reflected  through layered photography, drawing and various printing techniques.
This project is ongoing and will continue in France, potentially interlinking water landscapes, stories and dialogues.

Residencies: Portfolio

Residency Habit’Art 3c

Artist Residency 


October 2022 funded by DRAC

Set in a rural context, the 3C Habit’Art residency focused on the local landscape and natural winemaking.  Art research was shaped by drought, vine yards, mountains and myths, experimenting with anthotypes , wine as ink, ink from wild rocket growing in-between vines and film making imagining water. Post residency work was shaped by re-imagining a local myth from recordings made during the residency.  The installation created with wine and the body, was part of the Souffle du Paysage exhibition ,Palais des Rois de Majorque, à Perpignan with Kati Gausmann, Amandine Lasa, Jacques Perconte and Muriel Valat-B .

Residencies: Portfolio
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